The whole world of domains in one interface

register, transfer and manage all available TLDs with nicmanager.

Portfoliomanagement easier than ever

Managing a large number of domains should not be a challenge, but effectively and efficiently. The key to success is an intuitive categorization of domains and intelligent and easy to use search and filter options. Of course list and export functions may not be missing.

Still not convinced? Just send Daniel your requirements and we show you how to implement this with nicmanager.


Generic Top Level Domains

Classical generic TLDs such as:
.COM (commercial)
.NET (network)
.ORG (organization)
.INFO (informational)

Country Code TLDs

TLDs with a country-specific reference, e.g.:
.DE (Germany)
.FR (France)
.CN (China)
+300 more

New Generic Extensions

hundreds of new TLDs are coming e.g.:
+600 more

Bulk administration as it would be only one

One tool for different tasks: nicmanager

Our nicmanager was designed to transfer and handle huge domain portfolios with a very easy to use interface.

To check your domain inventory, just paste a list in inventory checker. Our portfolio manager helps you, getting transfers finally done.

Similar to a single domain, you can run different actions to configure and administrate a lot of your domains in bulk. No matter if you want to update domains, change holder or add TAGs, it always takes you only a few clicks.

Portfolio management

Tagging & Notes

Establish order with smart TAG-categorization

Are you looking for a solution that clearly associate your domains in multiple categories or characteristics?

With nicmanager smart tags, you can label a domain with many categories you want. Simply tag the domain with keywords, project names, sale-label or whatever you want. A single click on a tag lists all domains that link to it.

Notes and comments, such as case of use or sale-history, can be saved directly in nicmanagers domain details.


Nameserver and redirect services

It's your choice, how to point your domain to a target.
  • Foreign nameservers
    Use your own or third party nameservers. e.g.:
  • Free nicmanager DNS-service (unicast)
    DNS-autoconfiguration with your target IP address
  • Premium nicmanager DNS-service (anycast)
    Ddos protection with anycast DNS service (with costs)
  • Integrated parkingservices
    link your domain to your favorite parking provider e.g. parkingcrew
  • URL-Redirection
    301-redirection to a target URL

Dozens of tools for more efficiency

You‘ll wonder how you ever managed domains without them.

Made by domainers for domainers

  • Timed orders
    Start your order on a specified date
  • Order templates / 2-click registration
    Save time by reducing clicks for handles and DNS configuration
  • DNS templates
    Save time to create new valid DNS Zones by
  • IP wizard
    Assist you to find the correct IP address

and many other useful auxiliary functions