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Rock-Bottom Prices For Portfolios

We know the price-sensitive domain market and offer the lowest prices for your portfolio. We make you an offer that you can not refuse.

From domainers for domainers

After more than a year of development and more than a decade experience in domain business, we are happy to present another product from domainers for domainers: nicmanager is the winner of "Hosting & Service Provider Award" in category "Domain Services".

Simple & Fast 2-Click Order

Your frequently used domain settings for handles or nameservers can be saved as templates. Using your personal standard template, you only need 2 clicks to start a new registration or transfer.

Portfoliodeals & Bulk Orders

Keep track of your domain acquisitions and bulk transfers, even if you have to manage a lot of provider changes with different transfer-processes and transfer-durations.

Parking Service Integrated

Just select your parking provider with ease and your domains will be redirected to the correct nameservers for your parking earnings.

We love feedback

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