Feel the benefits of domain consolidation

Dozens of tasks, hundreds of TLDs, thousands of domains, but only one tool, one interface, one account: nicmanager.

Managing transfers
are a cinch.

We know, consolidating domains can be frustating. nicmanager helps you to get your transfers done:

  • Completed domain transfers
  • Running domain transfers
  • Failed domain transfers
  • Missing domains

Custom portfolio pricing

Do not waste your time to chase the best rates for each TLD.
Custom portfolio pricing

Lay your domains in trustful hands

Interested in transferring a large portfolio of domains?

Please contact our sales team to get a real fair price for your whole portfolio. We just need a scope of TLDs and the related number of your TLDs. Feel free to call a benchmark price for your comparison.

You will receive a custom offer from a personal sales representative. A personal technical account manager is available to develop a consolidation strategy and can assist you throughout the transfer process.

Transfer-Optimization: save money and time

Domain remaining terms, you have already paid for.

Don't leave money on the table

Depending on the responsible registry, nicmanager offers different ways to optimize domain consolidations without losing domain periods, you have already paid for:

  • 1. Transmit remaining terms
    Domain transfer is free of charge and you will get remaining terms from the registry
  • 2. Extend remaining terms
    Transfer price extends existing remaining terms from the registry.
  • 3. Scheduled transfers
    Just start domain transfer timed, near the next renewal date automatically.
Your personal nicmanager representative will be happy to develop a consolidation plan for you.

Carefree package: Consolidation as a full-service

Lean back and let our domain experts work for you

Lay your domains in trustful hands

We manage consolidations for 1 domain up to large portfolios, consisting of many 100.000 domains, without your active intervention.

  • Requesting authorization codes for transfers from losing provider
  • Starting domain transfers with the individual preferences (DNS, Handles, Whois-protection)
  • Approving form of authorization (FOA) emails
  • Reviewing running and failed domain transfers

Save money and time:
You just have to wait until the work is done!